At-Home Test for the GRE Now Available

April 3, 2020 - Traci Hall

On March 23, 2020, ETS announced its At-Home Testing for the GRE ® General Test. This at-home test option provides test-takers with a safe, convenient and flexible location to sit their exams while test centres are closed. At-home testing for the GRE General Test at-home is available through September 30, 2020 .

Where is at-home testing available?

The at-home is now available everywhere that the computer-delivered tests are offered, with the exception of Mainland China and Iran.

Many scheduling options will be available for each test, with numerous test times each week. Check the ETS website to see the list of updated locations and test dates and times. .

How does at-home testing work?

Tests will have remote proctors provided by ProctorU®. These at-home options are exactly the same in content, format, on-screen experience, scoring and pricing as the GRE General Test taken at a test centre. Every aspect of the at-home GRE test will be the same as it is in the test centre. For example, you will be able to preview and skip questions, and review and change answers. ETS will use multiple best-in-class security measures that use both real-time human monitoring and artificial intelligence technology to see and respond to even the hardest-to-detect incidents.

How do I register for at-home testing?

To register for the at-home option for the GRE General Test, students must first check that they are eligible for the at-home version of this test and check their equipment and environment eligibility. You can then sign in or create an ETS account by visiting Once logged in, you can select your test and pay. After, you will receive an email from ProctorU with instructions on how to schedule your test date and time. For a full explanation of the GRE General Test at-home registration process, visit .

What is taking the online GRE really like?

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