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Online Testing for the GMAT Now Available

Beginning 15 April 2020, GMAC is offering an online testing option for GMAT test takers. This provides candidates with a safe, convenient and flexible location to sit their exams while test centres are closed. Where is GMAT™ Online...
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At-Home Test for the GRE Now Available

On March 23, 2020, ETS announced its At-Home Testing for the GRE ® General Test. This at-home test option provides test-takers with a safe, convenient and flexible location to sit their exams while test centres are closed.
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What is an Executive MBA and is it right for me?

So what exactly is an Executive MBA (EMBA)?  Simply, it's an MBA designed for a cohort with 10+ years experience, who will be studying part-time, and who will still (officially anyway) be working during the programme.
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MBA School Recommendations

It's November so don't delay, the January deadlines are only two months away! You still have just enough time to apply for January MBA deadlines, but only just.
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How To Study For The GMAT In 1 Month

We recommend ideally 2-4 months of study time for the GMAT, depending on a student’s goal score. If you do not have the time to put in that amount of study, you can still increase your score by focusing more on strategies and covering...
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How important is the GMAT?

If I said the GMAT wasn't important for selection to an MBA programme, I'd be lying. I would like to share why the GMAT is important, why you may still get into a top school with a reasonable rather than stellar score, and what to do if...
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Which business school should I apply to?

The answer to which school to apply to depends on many factors: curriculum; location of study or future employment; length of study; full time versus executive programme; start date (September, January or another time ); possibility of...
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Top tips for your Business School Application from an Expert MBA Consultant

Ready, steady,........ go. The first full time MBA deadlines are ages away, right? No, the time will shoot by and it will soon be October, however if you plan well, and start now, you can have a great application to submit. Before we get...
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GMAT Select Section Order

*/ Selecting Your Section Order on the GMAT The GMAT can already be a daunting exam, with many questions like: when should I take the GMAT?, how long should I study? and
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