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What do med schools want? Use our new Med School Matcher!

January 4, 2018 - Kaplan Test Prep

Applying to study medicine is an undeniably competitive process, with a range of hoops to jump through before you get in. We're making the first stage of your journey as easy as possible with our brand new Medical School Matcher.

This tool will help you easily identify Medical Schools you can apply to based on your A-level subjects and grades. Here's a quick overview of how this resource can help you:

Understand the minimum A-level and Scottish Highers entry requirements

First things, first: the minimum entry requirement for entry to Medical School is AAA at A-level, and 144 UCAS points. (Programme requirements are subject to change, even without notice, so it's always good to confirm with your chosen Medical Schools.)

Search by subjects you are studying

Medical School Matcher allows you to see which universities are more open to A-levels outside of just the sciences. Note that most programmes require either Biology or Chemistry at A-level.

See which universities require the UCAT® (UKCAT) or BMAT®

Enter your subjects and grades and the tool will return a list of programmes which should match you!* In this search result, you will also see which Medical Schools require the UCAT and BMAT. Knowing in advance means you can prepare for taking either one or both of these admissions tests.

Get a quick overview of GCSE expectations

Students are often keen to know what universities may look for in terms of GCSE achievements. Medical School Matcher shows you the grades and subject list requirements which vary slightly from one university to the next. All programmes look for a GCSE in English, Maths and Science.

Why not try it yourself? Use the Medical School Matcher!

*Please note! The Medical School Matcher is great at helping you to understand your eligibility - however, it can’t predict the likelihood of you being accepted into any Medical School. The tool is operated by Kaplan Test Prep International, uses publicly available information (which is subject to change), and is not affiliated with any of the medical programmes listed.


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