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How to Beat Study and Exam Stress

June 19, 2019 - Mevish Jaffer

If intense UCAT® and BMAT® study has you feeling stressed out, try these tension-relieving coping strategies:

Get Fit. One of the best ways to decrease stress is through physical activity. Whether it's a run in the fresh air or hitting the gym, get moving and sweat off the tension.

Change Your Environment. Try not to study in the same place for hours on end. Take a break to re-energise, get outdoors, or meet a friend for coffee so you can return refreshed.

Recognise Achievements. Got all those practice questions correct? Great! Now recognise your hard work and reward yourself with the occasional treat - you deserve it!

Engage in Some Hobbies. It's no secret that hobbies help us relax. It's ok to put aside the books when you're feeling strained from revising and engage in something you enjoy.

Meditate. During intense study sessions, remember to keep calm and breathe! Try meditation, yoga or breathing exercises, which are extremely beneficial to a stressed mind and body.


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