Exam Tips

Exam Tips

5 UCAT top tips to save time & ace the exam

Anam is a second year of Medicine at Birmingham! Below she shares some tips which she believes to be most pertinent in assuring UCAT test day success. The UCAT is notorious for being a time-pressured exam, and most candidates find that it’... Read More

My UCAT test day experience

So, what is the UCAT Test experience like? Sara Zaidi, who took her UCAT exam in 2016 and is now a medical student, explains... When I booked my UCAT exam, there was very little planning of the actual test day until the weekend before. My... Read More

7 steps to build confidence after taking your first UCAT practice test

So you’ve just taken a UCAT practice test or a UCAT mock exam for the first time - or maybe it’s not your first time, but the fact remains that the test is alien to you. You’ve already heard that the test is very different from the... Read More

UKCAT name change to UCAT: what does this mean for future medics?

Last week, the UKCAT Consortium announced news about the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test), which the group of universities in Australia and New Zealand intend to use as a replacement for their previous medical school admissions... Read More

Secrets to securing four medical school interviews

Nidhin Laji, writer and founder of a medical school shortlisting tool, That Edge, talks us through the key nuances to bear in mind when selecting the right medical schools for you. Nidhin is an FY1 doctor at Addenbrooke's and an NHS... Read More

How to make the most of bite-sized UCAT (UKCAT) practice?

This is a guest post by Michael O. Carter, founder of THE UKCAT BLOG . He achieved a UKCAT (UCAT) score in the top 10% back in 2015. Since then he has helped thousands of candidates prepare for the exam through his blog. He is the author... Read More

What's the best way to approach the BMAT?

You may have heard some people say that the BMAT exam cannot be prepared for. This is totally untrue; while the BMAT paper is probably going to be unconventional for most of you, you can most definitely revise for it. The BEST way however... Read More

Getting in - more than being book smart

Grades. Grades. Grades. If I get them then every Medical School will offer me a place. Wrong. The medical student possesses many qualities that make them successful, grades being just one of them, and when applying to medical school you... Read More

When to sit the UCAT (UKCAT)?

Summer is a busy time. Many students will be working and enjoying a break from their studies. Some students will be travelling, for part or all of the summer. And some students will be observing Ramadan, which overlaps with approximately... Read More

Decision Making – New for the 2016 UKCAT (for 2017 entry)

The UKCAT will include an entirely new section in 2016: Decision Making. Decision Making will be the second section of the UKCAT, coming after Verbal Reasoning and before Quantitative Reasoning. Decision Making has replaced Decision... Read More

UKCAT Test Change 2016

The UKCAT Consortium has updated their website with information about the 2016 test format, including a new version of the UKCAT Official Guide and the three official practice tests.

Can the UCAT (UKCAT) be prepared for?

The simple answer: YES. To understand why, consider the nature of the UCAT (UKCAT). It’s fundamentally different from other exams, such as GCSEs or A-levels, that you may have taken or revised for. The UCAT (UKCAT) consists of over 200... Read More