A complete university application guide

December 12, 2017 - Tutorful

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the university application process? Tutorful provides a comprehensive application guide, which will boost offers and reduce the stress of the process.

They have teamed up with us at Kaplan Test Prep, The Mental Health Foundation, and guidance organisations to provide this resource covering the full application process with a sprinkling of stress-busting tips throughout! Chapters include:

6 important questions to ask yourself when choosing a university

Discover what your preferences in your university of choice would be, bearing in mind location, contact hours, employment prospects at universities and the work/life balance presented.

Considering costs

Find out some savvy tips on ways you can save money and discover universities in areas which have lower costs of living!

Interesting ways to get extra UCAS points

Many universities use this points system as the entry requirement to their institution. Outside of your academic studies find out the alternative ways to rack up more UCAS points.

8 key ways to make your university application stand out

If you're not sure what you can do to make yourself really stand out from the application crowd, this chapter will list all the interesting and easily achievable ways that you can really shine.

Creative ways to sell yourself in your personal statement

We all know this is one of the most important parts of the application, it's your opportunity to sell yourself! Find out some useful techniques in writing a compelling personal statement.

Preparation advice for university entrance exams

Get ahead of the game with an overview of what to expect of Med School Entrance exams including a full timeline breakdown, and some test-taking tips from us at Kaplan Test Prep!

Study abroad options

If you're interested in studying abroad, understand the routes which you can take to get there.

Stress management for students

As stressful situations cannot be erased, find out a key way in which you can deal with the height of university applications by practicing an approach called mindfulness.

Feel like you could improve in the above areas? Make sure to read the full guide!


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