7 secrets for getting into Medical School

January 17, 2018 - UniMed

Looking for some fresh tips on the application process to Medical School? UniMed has combined knowledge with university admissions teams, junior doctors and other medical experts to create a free e-book, The 7 Secrets of Getting into Medical School. The e-book is comprised of the following key topics:.

What qualities make a good doctor?

Find out the key characteristics needed to be a great doctor, from leadership to integrity and learn ways that you can demonstrate these in your application.

Don't be original

Understand some techniques needed to master the writing of your personal statement, and know what not to do when demonstrating your passion for medicine.

Get work experience

Learn about the different types of work experience that are available in the medical field, and what that might say about your passion for a career in medicine.

Use the skills you have

Know how to convincingly demonstrate transferable skills gained from part-time work and extra-curricular activities in your personal statement.

Be aware of current issues

Get some key insights into industry news which will help your application stand out with relevant context. You can follow UniMed on Twitter for lively updates surrounding news in the medical field.

Know where to apply

Find out about the 3 standard teaching styles at Medical Schools and the kinds of Medical Schools which offer them, plus understand how to demonstrate why you have chosen a specific programme.

You can also use the Kaplan Medical School Matcher to research medical schools based on your subjects and grades.

Prepare, prepare, prepare...

Get some tips on ways to start your practice. The admissions tests (UCAT® & BMAT®) and interviews are another important step in the application process which require focus.

Download and read The 7 Secrets of Getting into Medical School!


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