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Service Overview

A business school application is more than just a great GMAT score.

Get an edge on the MBA admissions process with Kaplan’s Admissions Consulting – a tailored service providing expert guidance on all aspects of your application.

You’ll work with a specialist consultant who has first-hand knowledge of business school admissions and will work with you to produce the most compelling application possible. Your consultant can help you with any or all aspects of your application, from creating winning essays to polishing your interview technique.

How does the consulting service work?

Your consultant helps identify your exact needs and goals, brainstorm ideas, devise a personal strategy, and build an action plan. You’ll work together to position yourself as effectively as possible, so you’ll really stand out over other applicants. The service can be delivered via Skype, phone, and email: location is no barrier to working with a top consultant.

Here is an outline of the process you will go through with admissions consulting:

Step 1: During your first session you will work with your consultant to clarify your MBA needs, career goals, what school(s) you are applying and why. You will also identify your strengths and achievements,  and learn how to write effective application essays, recommendations, and scholarships.
Step 2 : You will write your essay and CV and then your consultant will review  and provide feedback.
Step 3: You will adapt your essay and CV based on your consultants' feedback.
Step 4: Consultant will review and give feedback on your CV and provide feedback a 2nd time.
Step 5: Mock interview and tips.
Step 6: The consultant will review your Scholarship Essays and provide feedback.


Package Options

Choose your MBA Consulting Package Option:

Package What is included? Price Enrol
MBA Admissions Consulting - 1 School Complete expert guidance for 1 business school
(approximately 6 hours of consulting)
$1045 Enrol
MBA Admissions Consulting - 3 School Complete expert guidance for 3 business schools
(approximately 10 hours of consulting)
$1630 Enrol
MBA Admissions Consulting - 5 School Complete expert guidance for 5 business schools
(approximately 15 hours of consulting)
$2715 Enrol

Need GMAT prep as well?

Our MBA Complete Package combines a live GMAT course ( In person or Live Online) with Private Tutoring and MBA Consulting.

Package What is included? Price Enrol
MBA Complete - In Person
  • GMAT Live Online Course
  • 3 hours coaching with a GMAT expert
  • Math Foundations Self-Paced
  • MBA Admissions Consulting - 1 School
$3200 Enrol
MBA Complete - Live Online
  • GMAT Live Online Course
  • 3 hours coaching with a GMAT expert
  • Math Foundations Self-Paced
  • MBA Admissions Consulting - 1 School
$2850 Enrol




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical time frame from admissions consulting?

This depends on the package you select. On average, 1 school will take around 6 hours of consulting, 3 schools will take around 10 hours, and 5 schools will take around 15 hours. 

What if I want to add on extra schools to my package?

No problem! Just contact our centre and we can determine how much extra time you need with the consultant. The price for extra hours is £125/hour. 

How will I meet with my consultant?

All sessions are held conveniently via Skype or phone (depending on your preference) and email.

What kind of things do consultants help with for the essays?

The consultant will help with talk with you about your topic and help with your grammar, overall structure, and any other feedback to help you create a stand-out essay that reflects you.

How long does it take to match me with a consultant?

In general, it can take up to 10 days. However, the more flexible you are in terms of availability the quicker we are likely to match you with a consultant.

Can I meet the consultant before I purchase?

No, but we do offer a free MBA Admissions Seminar, that is hosted live online by an expert consultant. Furthermore, we have a consultant’s bio on the website if you want to know her background. Our consultants are also extremely engaging and passionate about helping students achieve their goals. You will definitely be in good hands.

Have more questions? You can contact us by phone (+44 (0)20 7930 3130) or email and we would be happy to help!