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Looking for additional prep? Gain access to our exclusive ACT Channel, included with your Tutoring, In Person or Live Online course. Now you can benefit from live streaming ACT prep with our top instructors in the US. Available both Live Online and On Demand, the ACT Channel puts you at the centre of the prep process!

With unlimited daily access, the ACT Channel gives you more content and flexibility than any other prep solution. Chat with one of our elite instructors and other students in real-time, ask questions and get instant answers. 

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Need additional focus on math, reading or writing? Whatever the case, our episodes are geared toward your individual learning level. You can learn from your mistakes in targeted review sessions and up the difficulty level as you improve! Our ACT Channel episodes cover every topic tested on the ACT exam.

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The ACT Channel is built so that you never miss out on additional ACT prep with live, scheduled episodes as well as access on demand! We're offering more practice than ever before, available daily throughout your ACT course. We've designed the ACT Channel with you in mind, offering the utmost flexibility so you can choose when and where to prep.

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Below is a sample of the episodes available to you:

Topic Description
Math: Advanced Concepts & Review Progressive review for ACT math topics. Best viewed after learning the basic concepts.
English Test Training Review Kaplan methods learned to hone your English skills. Best viewed close to Test Day.
ACT Mindset Training Learn how to set expectations and get in the right frame of mind when studying for the ACT.
Study Plan Creation Create study plan based on time and academic needs. Best viewed early in the course.
Reading for Points on Test Day Learn how to read passages most efficiently to optimise your ACT Reading Test score. Best viewed early in the course.
Analysing Data on the ACT Learn how to quickly and easily answer Interpretation of Data questions. Best viewed after class session 5.