Teach for Kaplan

Make a difference in people's lives. And get paid for it.

If you've been successful on standardised tests in the past, you can help others to succeed. Using Kaplan's well-tested curriculum, our teachers inspire students to practice and prepare them to do their best on Test Day. Whether you teach a classroom of students or work with someone as a tutor, Kaplan pays you to give the best you've got.

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Why Teach for Kaplan?

5 Good Reasons

  • To make a difference in students' lives. To enjoy excellent pay and bonuses.

  • To work on a flexible schedule.

  • To develop your presentation and people-management skills.

  • To join a dynamic, energetic company with terrific career opportunities.

“I get a huge buzz every time a student exclaims "Ah ha!" after I've helped them understand a math concept that had eluded them for years. And when a student e-mails to share how high her score went up – that's a thrill that's hard to beat!” 

Marianna Parker, Kaplan GMAT Teacher, London, UK

Become a Kaplan Teacher

Am I eligible?

The first requirement is past success on exams such as the UCAT®, BMAT®, GMAT®, SAT®, GRE® or LSAT®. Beyond that, we're looking for outstanding role models who want to help others achieve, so excellent communication skills and the ability to engage a group's attention are also required.

To be considered for a teaching position at Kaplan for GMAT®, SAT®, GRE® or LSAT®, please submit your CV, along with a covering email indicating your scores on one of these exams, to corinne.morgan@kaplan.com.

To be considered for a teaching position at Kaplan for UCAT®, BMAT®, or Medical Admissions Services (Interview Preparation, MMI), please check the requirements here and submit your application by filling in a UCAT / BMAT Teacher Application Form.

How does Kaplan select its teachers?

Not everyone who can provide the focused instruction and personal attention of a private tutor can teach a large class; and, conversely, not everyone who can teach a large class makes a good tutor. Kaplan's high standards require that we audition and train all of our promising applicants before assigning them to a class or individual student. Those who make the cut can rest assured that they are following in the footsteps of the many Kaplan teachers and tutors who have delivered Kaplan's unequalled curriculum and methods with the clarity and passion that all of our students have come to expect.

How will Kaplan prepare me for the classroom?

In our Teacher Development Program, you'll enhance your presentation skills, learn the Kaplan curriculum, and master the techniques you'll need to become a test prep expert.

Where can Kaplan teaching take me?

Teaching for Kaplan can be the first step toward many other career opportunities throughout the company. Kaplan teachers have gone on to mentor and train other teachers, create curriculum and even run Kaplan centres. Many members of top Kaplan management started out in the classroom. In short, you can go as far as your experience, ambitions and talents lead you.

Teaching for Kaplan in London

How does teaching for Kaplan in London compare to teaching for Kaplan in the U.S.?

For any of our courses that are taught in the U.S., the London Kaplan Centre uses all the same materials: the same student books, the same online resources, the same TELs (teacher's editions of the lessons). The London Centre also holds its instructors to the same high standards for teacher training, observations, and evaluations as the centers in the U.S.

There are a few differences as well: we have a much higher percentage of international students. Moreover, we offer test prep courses for some relatively new admissions exams for UK universities: the UKCAT and BMAT. We offer these courses, along with GMAT and SAT courses, both in London and across the UK.

I taught for Kaplan in the U.S. Is it possible to transfer to the London Centre?

Essentially, yes, although the procedure is different from transferring between centres in the U.S. We're always happy to hire top Kaplan teachers from the States. The thing to keep in mind is that you'd be coming to work for the same company in a different country. So even though you've worked for Kaplan in the U.S., we have to hire you here as a new employee in the UK.

If you're interested in transferring to the London Centre, please e-mail your CV and cover letter to corinne.morgan@kaplan.com. Please also make clear when, and for how long, you're planning to be in London, and also your eligibility to work in the UK. As all our positions are part-time, we can only hire teachers who are already eligible to work here. Most of our teachers hold student visas (allowing 20 hours of work per week in term time) or UK/EU citizenship.