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These questions require you complete the missing words from a passage of text.

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Text Completion Practice Questions

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Directions: For each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.
Question 1Show Details

The Director is normally lauded for his excting science-fiction films, but his latest effort is marred by its _______ special effects.

Question 2Show Details

Despite her long battle with illness, the dancer displayed astonishing _______ of motion on stage.

Question 3Show Details

Given the (i)________ nature of the evidence, the authorities are unlikely to present a (ii)______ case aganist the accused.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Question 4Show Details

Every effort by the bank to determine the origin of the funds met with (i)________ resulting from the web of (ii)_____ created by the account holder.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Question 5Show Details

Ancient Greek Philosophers tried to (i) ________ contemporary notions of change and stability in the physical composition of the world around them. They did so by (ii) _____ the existence of the atom. For them, the atom was (iii) _________ particle from which all varieties of matter are formed.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Choice (iii)
Question 6Show Details

As a general rule, feuds between individuals or groups tend to arise in societies that (i)_____ centralized government, because public justice such as the kind meted out by a strong, centralized authority or sophisticated judicial system, is difficult to (ii) ________. In such societies, it is therefore not surprising that private recourse is more (iii)_______.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Choice (iii)