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Text Completion Practice Questions

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Directions: For each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.
Question 1Show Details

The Director is normally lauded for his excting science-fiction films, but his latest effort is marred by its _______ special effects.

Question 2Show Details

Despite her long battle with illness, the dancer displayed astonishing _______ of motion on stage.

Question 3Show Details

Given the (i)________ nature of the evidence, the authorities are unlikely to present a (ii)______ case aganist the accused.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Question 4Show Details

Every effort by the bank to determine the origin of the funds met with (i)________ resulting from the web of (ii)_____ created by the account holder.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Question 5Show Details

Ancient Greek Philosophers tried to (i) ________ contemporary notions of change and stability in the physical composition of the world around them. They did so by (ii) _____ the existence of the atom. For them, the atom was (iii) _________ particle from which all varieties of matter are formed.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Choice (iii)
Question 6Show Details

As a general rule, feuds between individuals or groups tend to arise in societies that (i)_____ centralized government, because public justice such as the kind meted out by a strong, centralized authority or sophisticated judicial system, is difficult to (ii) ________. In such societies, it is therefore not surprising that private recourse is more (iii)_______.

Choice (i)
Choice (ii)
Choice (iii)

Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

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Directions: Answer the questions after reading through the passage. Base your answers on information that is either stated or implied in the passage then click to see the answers.


Ludwig Wittgenstien asserted that with the publication of his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus he had solved all philosophical problems and retired to teach mathematics at the secondary level. He believed he had achieved this through his exploration of the logic of language, which he referred to as his "picture theory" of language. Wittgenstein's contention was that the world consisted of a collection of interconnected "facts" that created "pictures" of the world through propositions. These propositions are meaningful if they picture matters of empirical fact, such as "Meri is six feet tall." In order for these linguistic pictures to accurately present facts, they must have the same logical structure as matters of empirical fact.

The problem is that philosophical propositions, such as "truth is beauty," are not matters of empirical fact. Since language itself is based on this relationship philosophers cannot extricate themselves from the realm of language in order to actually say anything about whether or not the "pictures" have the same logical structure as facts. One important consequence of this argument is that it is nonsensical to discuss philosophical problems. The propositions that philosophers commonly make are not technically wrong but nonsensical. For Wittgenstein, the ultimate goal of philosophy itself is not the actual study of the pursuit of "truth." Philosophy has more to do with clarifying the relationship between language and truth than truth itself. The Tractatus ends up subverting its own claims by concluding that the kind of propositions of which it is composed are senseless. The most commonly quoted excerpt from the book is the proposition "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."

Question 7Show Details

The author believes Wittgenstein would likely agree with which of the following statements?

Question 8Show Details

Based on the context of the passage, the author's use of the word "empirical" most nearly means which of the following?

Sentence Equivalence Practice Questions

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Directions: Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.
Question 9Show Details

The residents, who for many years relished the safe, idyllic surrondings of their suburban neighborhood, have in recent months faced ____________ of vandalisim.

Question 12Show Details

In her laudatory _________, the food columnist captured the spirit of the hotel dining room.

Question 13Show Details

Although the subruban townhouse seemed like a good value, the buyer _____ when the real estate agent asked for a commitment.

Question 14Show Details

In contradiction to the _____ cat, the dog is the quintessential pack animal.

Question 15Show Details

Reginald's ______ aut was spry for her age but nonetheless required help in ascending the staircase.

Quantitative Problem Solving Practice Questions

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Directions: Select one answer choice.
Question 10Show Details

A computer company's featured laptop cost $800 last year. This year, the laptop sold for 15% less than it did last year. Next year, after updates are made to the model, there will be a 25% price increase over this year's price. What will be the price next year?

Question 11Show Details

Pipe A can fill a tank in 3 hours. If pipe B can fill the same tank in 2 hours, how many minutes will it take both pipes to fill 2/3 of a tank?

Question 16Show Details

How many milliliters of acid are ther in 350 mililiters of 4% acid?

Question 17Show Details

Astrid wrote down all the different three-digit numbers that can be written using each of the numeral 1, 2 and 3 exactly once. What is the median of the numbers Astrid wrote down?

Quantitative Comparison Practice Questions

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Directions: Select the correct answer.
Question 18Show Details

Quantity A

The value of z when x = -1 and y = 3

Quantity B

The value of z when x = -2 and y = 2

Question 19Show Details

Quantity A

The sum of the coordinates of a point on the fourth quadrant of an xy-coordinate plane

Quantity B

The product of the coordinates of a point in the first quadrant of an xy-coordinates plane

Question 20Show Details

x < 0 < y

Quantity A

-2 (x+y)

Quantity B


Question 21Show Details

Quantity A

The number of day in 17 weeks

Quantity B

The number of minutes in 2 hours