In response to the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19, GRE at-home testing is now available in various locations. To view the current at-home test locations and for the most up to date information visit the ETS website.

How to Register for the GRE

Booking a GRE Test Date:

The GRE test is taken on the computer, so there are no set test dates – you can take the test throughout the year and you simply book an appointment at a computerised testing centre local to you.

Registration and Payment:

You should register and pay test fees for the GRE online at www.ets.org/gre, which is the website of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), administrators of the GRE.

The cost to take the GRE at testing locations outside the US is US$205. ETS accepts most major credit cards for payment of the test fee.

Retaking the GRE:

If you need to retake the GRE, you should follow the same procedure as above.

Please note that you can only take the GRE General Test once per calendar month, and no more than 5 times within any 12-month period.

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