• Application Procedure
  • Application Criteria
  • Application deadlines

UKCAT / BMAT Bursary Application Procedure

The applicant must:

  • Complete an application form, giving personal and contact details and chosen course code and dates** (see course schedule for details). Candidates must then have their school stamp the completed application form.
  • The student must provide a typed personal statement of application (up to a maximum of one side of A4 paper) stating why they wish to study their chosen topic at degree level, and why this bursary would benefit them.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from their school on school letterhead, which confirms that the applicant meets the following criteria (see next tab), and which provides any other information the school considers relevant to consideration of the student for a bursary.

  Bursary Application Form

Application Criteria

The applicant must be (to be confirmed by school):

  • In the top 25% of students (academically) in their year at school.
  • Well-suited and committed to a career as a doctor, dentist or other profession for which taking the UKCAT or BMAT is required as an entry prerequisite.
  • In receipt of a school bursary or some other Government support and would be unable to attend this course without the financial assistance of a scholarship – please provide some information supporting this.

 Bursary Application Form

Please note: The free place on offer will be worth up to £330 for UKCAT Courses and £280 for BMAT Courses. All successful candidates are asked to take a course running in July or August 2017. Bursaries are available for our courses in all locations!


Application deadlines:

First Round Deadline: Friday 30th June 2017

Second Round Deadline: Friday 21st July 2017