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UKCAT Private Tutoring packages includes:

Tailored Preparation Your teacher will take you through the Kaplan methods and strategies at a pace that works for you. They will help you to identify where you may require further focus and adapt your preparation accordingly.
Flexible options You can meet with your teacher at our London Centre or Live Online, using our virtual classroom environment, if you are located further afield.
UKCAT Strategy Book This book will follow along with your tutoring sessions, so you can makes notes throughout. This will outline the Kaplan methods and strategies, as well as providing tips for test day.
On-going Academic Support You will continue to have access to your UKCAT tutor, even after your sessions have finished, ensuring that all your questions and concerns will be resolved before the big day.

Online Study Centre

New UKCAT Channel Free live streaming of extra UKCAT sessions and Medical School preparation guidance from a range of Kaplan experts, including practicing doctors, current medical students, and admissions guidance representatives. Over 20 hours of live instruction, also recorded for access whenever you want.
Recorded lesson videos Access up to 14 hours of recorded lesson videos, helping you to review each lesson topic outside your tutoring sessions. Each course section is broken down into bite-size videos, so you can easily pin-point your desired topic to recap.
500 Mastery Questions You will also have access to out Mastery Questions Set with 500 additional practice questions. These questions are designed to help you understand and identify the different question types, in an un-timed environment, before you embark on your timed practice in your online study centre.
New Decision Making material All students will receive 2 hours of recorded video lessons through new question types and score building Kaplan methods and strategies for this section. You can also improve your performance with Decision Making quizzes and practice tests within your Online Study Plan.
Up to 9 practice tests You will receive up to 9 UKCAT practice tests in an interface that's just like the real test. This will not only help you put what you have learnt throughout your sessions into practice, but also build up your exam stamina for test day.
30 section focused quizzes with over 700 questions These timed quizzes including up will help you practice your pacing for each test section without using up a whole practice test, great for when you want to master a test section requiring further review.
Track your progress After you take each practice test or quiz, a personalised report will be generated, where you can view your performance by test section, by question type and also view your pacing by question. This will identify areas that need further improvement and help guide your study.
iPad® & tablet compatible Access your video lessons, quizzes and practice tests on-the-go (as long as you have internet access) with our new tablet-friendly interface. Keep on top of your UKCAT prep from wherever you are.   
2 month's access You will receive 2 months' access to your online study centre, which will provide you will more than enough time to work through your practice tests, lesson videos and quizzes, although extensions can be provided should you desire additional time.


Buy over the phone or online
+44 (0)20 7930 3130
(Weekdays 10am-10pm GMT)

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You will be matched with a UKCAT Tutor depending on your needs and availability. You will meet with the tutor at times to suit you and each session will be tailored to your own specific goals and progress. Please note: Tutoring sessions can begin from late June 2017, subject to tutor availability.