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This supplementary UKCAT option is perfect for students who are taking a Kaplan UKCAT course and want to take advantage of further practice material, or would like extra support and in-depth coverage of the most challenging aspects of the UKCAT exam.

UKCAT Plus includes:

4 hours of extra lesson videos Your UKCAT Plus syllabus includes access to 4 hours of additional online video lessons that go through additional tips and strategies, building on key learnings from our regular UKCAT course.
3 extra Practice Tests Students receive 3 practice tests, in addition to the 6 practice tests included in our UKCAT courses. All tests can be adapted to fit additional time required by students taking UKCATSEN.
UKCAT Plus Course eBook Students will receive Kaplan's engaging course eBook, with fun exercises to complete as you watch the online video lessons.
Track your progress You can monitor your practice test scores on your student homepage, view full explanations to all practice questions and identify areas to improve.
iPad® & tablet compatible Access your videos and practice tests on the go (internet access permitted), with our new tablet friendly interface. No matter where you are this summer, you can still keep on top of your UKCAT preparation.

Please Note: This is a supplementary course designed for students that have already taken a Kaplan course, as this course would not be valuable to students that have not received prior instruction. Access to this course is therefore only available once you have taken the course. If you select a start date before your course, this will be adjusted to the first date of your class. 
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Students will receive online access to 4 On Demand video lessons, which thoroughly address the below topics:

 Verbal Reasoning Lesson: 

  • Scanning tips
  • Synonyms & extreme words
  • Difficult shifts
  • Rules & procedures

 Decision Making: 

  • Crunching data
  • Condensing data
  • Eliminate unnecessary information
  • Strategies to work quickly and accurately

 Quantitative Lesson: 

  • Conversions
  • Ratios
  • Geometry
  • Difficult percentages
  • Impossible guesses

 Abstract Reasoning Lesson: 

  • Additional size, number and colour
  • Difficult arrangements
  • Time saving tips for Type 2 and 3 question types

 Situational Judgement Lesson: 

Further principles of Medical professionalism, such as: 

  • Risks to patients
  • Fitness to practice
  • Continuity of care
  • Gross Misconduct
  •  Respect for others
  • Dealing with prejudice