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Kaplan's 2-day comprehensive course is ideal for students looking for the full classroom experience, with a balance of quality in-person tuition and test-like practice resources, to keep you feeling confident for success on test day.

Our classes include thorough coverage of the Kaplan methods and test strategies with online access to 6 practice tests, 30 quizzes and over 3000 practice questions altogether and much more.Our courses also offer the brand new and free UKCAT Channel within the Online Study Centre, providing over 20 hours of Medical School application guidance and UKCAT instruction!

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Our 2017 2- Day Classroom Course Locations:


UKCAT Classroom Course includes:

2 or 4 day course options Your teacher will guide you through the UKCAT exam section by section, providing you with strategies to categorise and approach each question type, both at a basic and more advanced level. You will go through worked examples together as well as timed practice drills for each assessed section of the exam.
Expert UKCAT teachers Kaplan teachers are in the top 10% of the UKCAT exam and are usually current medical students or practising doctors. They go through a rigorous training program of auditions, observations and on-going feedback surveys to ensure they meet the Kaplan standard of teaching.
30 locations We host our courses at 30 locations across the UK. Join the class most convenient to you!
UKCAT Strategy book Our UKCAT Strategy Book includes methods for tackling each question type, time management techniques and tips for test day. This book is designed to follow along with your course so you can easily annotate as you go.
Teacher support until your test You'll be fully supported with email access to one of our top-scoring teachers, for questions and guidance right up until your UKCAT exam this year.

Online Study Centre

New UKCAT Channel Free live streaming of extra UKCAT sessions and Medical School preparation guidance from a range of Kaplan experts, including practicing doctors, current medical students, and admissions guidance representatives. Over 20 hours of live instruction, also recorded for access whenever you want.
10 hours of recorded lesson videos You will receive recorded lesson videos of all of your class lessons. These are split out by class topic, making it easy to recap and review any aspects of class that you need to work on further.
500 Mastery Questions These extra practice questions will help you to work through the different question types for each section in an un-timed format. This will help you learn how to identify and understand the different question types, so you can make better use of the timed quizzes and practice tests.
New Decision Making material All students will receive 2 hours of recorded video lessons going through new question types and score building Kaplan methods and strategies for this section. You can also improve your performance with Decision Making quizzes and practice tests within your Online Study Plan.
6 practice tests These practice tests not only help to assess how well you have adopted the Kaplan strategies, but are also great at putting your pacing per question and test stamina to the test. Our test-like interface also helps you to become familiar with the exam format, ensuring no surprises on test day.
30 section focused quizzes with over 700 questions Structure your practice with 30 quizzes; 6 quizzes for each marked section of the UKCAT. These are a great way to sharpen your skills on specific sections in order to improve your overall score, without using a whole practice test.
Track your progress After each practice test and quiz you will generate a score report, which will break down your score by test section, question type, pacing by question and also provide you with fully worked solutions for each question. This is important to be able to identify and target exactly where your weaker areas lie for further study.
2 months' access* You will have 2 months' access to your online study plan after your course, which should give you plenty of time to work through all your course materials before test day. Should you wish to add additional time extensions are available.


Kaplan's 1-day Express course option covers the Kaplan methods and strategies, timed practice drills and several worked examples for each section.

It is the ideal option for students who wish to benefit from the structure and guidance of a UKCAT teacher, but in a more streamlined format. You also get access to 1 practice test with teacher support up until test day.

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Our 2017 Classroom Express Locations:


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UKCAT Classroom Express course includes:

1 day course This streamlined class will cover all the scored exam sections, providing testing strategies, worked examples and practice drills for each question type. These classes will be available in 6 locations across the UK throughout the summer.  
Expert UKCAT teacher Our UKCAT teachers have all scored in the top 10% of the exam and have undergone a rigorous training program of auditions, observations and feedback surveys. This ensures that we maintain the Kaplan standard of excellence in all our courses. 
UKCAT Strategy Book Our UKCAT Strategy Book includes methods for tackling each question type, time management techniques and tips for test day. This book is designed to follow along with your course so you can easily annotate as you go.
2 Practice Tests After your course you will receive 1 month's access to two practice tests, which will help you assess your retention from class and provide you with an idea of your weaker areas where you should focus your study. This will also include full explanations for every question, which will help build an understanding of each question and help to avoid future mistakes. 
Teacher support until test day We will be available to answer any academic questions that arise after the course has finished, right up until your test date.
Option to upgrade All Classroom Express students have the option to upgrade their prep (available in the shopping cart) to include our UKCAT Online Study Plan with 5 extra practice tests, 30 quizzes with over 700 questions and 500 additional practice questions as well as our complete library of UKCAT course videos, including our new Decision Making section lesson and practice material.