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Why choose Kaplan HPAT tutoring?

With a Kaplan tutoring package, you'll benefit from a powerful combination of one-to-one instruction from an expert tutor and the extensive resources of our HPAT preparation programme.

Whether you prefer to learn individually, or can't make the scheduled classes of an HPAT course, Kaplan Private Tutoring provides an extremely efficient way to prepare for the HPAT. Here's how:

Proven methods & strategies We have broken down the HPAT exam into the different question types that make up each test section. We'll teach you proven techniques and strategies on how best to answer each type, so you can work quickly and accurately through the HPAT exam.
Test-like, up-to-date materials We review and update our course materials every year to provide the most up-to-date and relevant techniques, strategies and practice. Our experienced team of curriculum writers and content developers are true test experts.
Outstanding teachers Our network of expert tutors are not only top scorers in the HPAT exam, they are also excellent teachers! Our tutors go through rigorous selection, training and continuous assessment processes, so we can ensure the highest standards are maintained.
World leader in test preparation Kaplan has over 75 years of proven expertise in standardised test preparation. Our HPAT prep programme provides our students with the tools, strategies and resources required to achieve great scores in this high stakes exam.
Flexible lessons to suit you! Our tutoring sessions take place online, so we are able to reach students in any location. This also makes it easier to fit your tutoring sessions to your schedule, while providing you with one-to-one support.

The Right Tools for a Higher Score

Your online tutoring sessions will begin with an introduction and discussion of your goals and any specific concerns you have about the HPAT exam. You will then proceed to work through the HPAT curriculum together, making sure that you fully understand everything along the way. 

As well as your course book, you will also receive access to your own HPAT online study centre, which includes: 

10 full-length practice tests These will help measure your progress and help build your testing endurance with this fast-paced exam.
Over 100 recorded video lessons These allow you brush up in between tutoring sessions or recap on anything you have forgotten. Each lesson is broken down by section and topic into easy to digest playlists.
HPAT Strategy book This will be used in throughout your tutoring sessions, providing additional practice questions, worked examples and explanations of the strategies involved.
HPAT Strategy Sessions These recorded workshops offer advice, tips and tricks for test day, as well as techniques of how to anser certain question types.
Personalised score reports These enable you to identify sections of the test and question types you can improve upon. This will really help guide your study and make sure that you are using your study time efficiently.
Access until test day! You will have access from your first session with your tutor and can then watch all your online lessons as many times as you need until you take the exam in February 2017.


How do I book my tutoring sessions? 

Once you have purchased your course of private tutoring sessions, we will contact you to discuss your availability and match you to a tutor.  

Your first online tutoring session will begin with an introduction to understand your goals and areas that you are most concerned about. You will then work through our HPAT syllabus with your tutor, concentrating on any areas where you need the most help.

How do my online tutoring sessions take place?

Our online tutoring sessions take place either via Skype® or through our Adobe® Connect software. Our teachers will use webcams so you can hear and see your teacher - just like in-person tutoring. 

Do I need special software to take part in the sessions?

The only thing you might need to download would be Skype® (if you do not already have it), so as long as your web browser is up to date, there should not be any specific software required to take part in your sessions. 

Private Tutoring Options:

What can you expect to cover?
Practice Tests
Recorded Video Lessons
Ongoing Teacher Support

5 hours
- Ideal for basic coverage of the Kaplan methods and strategies for each section. 
- To focus on strategies and improving performance in certain test sections. 




10 hours

Comprehensive coverage of the Kaplan methods and strategies for each test section.