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Get all the benefits of a classroom course without the travel!

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Course Features

Study for the SAT anywhere with an internet connection!

Our Live Online course is designed with our students in mind. We understand it's not always possible to attend a live class which is why we've created the Live Online option, enabling you to join classes from anywhere you have internet access. Classes meet on a regular schedule and the teacher is visible on the computer screen along with the white board. You are able to interact with the teacher, teacher's assistant and classmates via online chat - all the benefits of a live class with the added bonus of convenience!

What's included in your Live Online course:

Comprehensive Exam Review

Our classroom course combines taught sessions with homework, practice tests (8 in total with 4 Official College Board practice tests!) and quizzes. You will receive detailed feedback with full explanations and identification of areas to improve - so you can make sure you get the score you need!

NEW! The SAT Channel

New and exclusive to Kaplan, the SAT Channel offers live streaming prep from the best SAT instructors. Combined with our Live Online course, it includes the most hours of interactive prep available.

Prepare from Anywhere

You can take our course from anywhere in the world with internet access. You will be under the guidance of our expert US tutors, with the ability to network with your fellow students in our virtual classroom setting.

SAT Quiz Bank

Kaplan's state-of-the-art online quiz builder with 300+ SAT questions and explanations.

Personalised Study

We offer a customised plan helping to target your weaknesses and improve your SAT score faster and more efficiently.

Access to the College Admissions Zone

A one-stop resource with information on colleges, unlocking financial aid, and much more.

Online Study Centre

You will have access to online workshops, video sessions, quizzes and lessons on demand.

Higher Score Guarantee*

Kaplan maximises your chances of acing the SAT with its money back guarantee.



Prices & Schedules

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Course Materials

Course Materials

SAT Course Book

Containing both the lessons and homework that will be taught and reviewed in each classroom session.

SAT Study Sheet

Two-sided sheet covering the most important concepts that will be tested on the SAT. It can be used as a reference for homework, or as a quick review on test day.

Online Study Centre

Access a range of quizzes, practice tests, instructional videos and more:

  • Customised Study Plan: These will be formed on the basis of your diagnostic test results and performance in the quizzes.
  • Instructional Videos: Each skill within a program's scope and sequence has an instructional video led by a Kaplan-trained instructor. The video’s last between 4 and 8 minutes and focus on a specific aspect of the SAT.
  • Guided Practice: Each Guided Practice module contains three practice questions about a specific aspect of the SAT. If help is needed, you can receive a hint from the system.
  • Quizzes: Based on specific SAT aspects, these take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • Progress and Performance Reports: Ability to review overall score from practice test results.

Why Live Online

Why Choose Kaplan's Live Online Course?

Want to learn more about our most flexible study option? Check out our course introduction to see how Live Online comines the benefits of classroom tuition with the convenience of remote access, and see exactly what to expect with our Live Online Demo video.

Introduction to Kaplan Live Online
SAT Live Online Demo