• Step 1 Qbank
  • Step 2CK Qbank
  • Step 3 Qbank

Step 1 Qbank Features:



2,200 Practice Questions
Train using timed tutorial mode and create customised quizzes, so you can hone in on your weaker areas. You will also receive a diagnostic test, which will help guide the areas you should focus on first. 



100% Exam-like Practice 
Written by faculty and reviewed by high scorers! Our visually rich content includes 750 images, 30 clinical videos and 20 heart sounds. 



2 Full-length Simulated Exams  
Make sure that you are ready for test day, by taking our full length step 1 exams. You will be able to put your strategy for the big day to the test and ensure that it works for you! 



200 Qutorials
A new series of mini-lectures delivered by our expert faculty on the most challenging questions. 



Full explanations  
Each question has rekaps (key take aways), First Aid page references as well as high yield overview tables. You will be given an explanation of why each answer is correct and the other options incorrect, so you can learn from any mistakes!



Compare yourself to the competition
Not only will you be able to track your progress as you go through the practice questions, but also against our thousands of other Qbank users!


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Step 2CK Qbank Features:



2,000 Practice Questions
You will begin by taking a diagnostic exam, which will help guide your study. You can work through the questions in timed and tutor mode, so that you can make the most out of each quiz, until test day! 



100% Exam-like 
Written by faculty and reviewed by top scorers!  Simulates all question types, including sequential item sets. 



2 Full-length Simulated Exams  
You can ensure that you are ready to take the test, wiht our full length simulations. These will give you the essential practice of stamina for the exam, as you want to ensure you are giving your A-game all through the test! 



Over 100 Teaching Tabs
A new series of mini-lectures by top faculty on over 100 of the most challenging questions



Full explanations and time saving reKaps
Explanations of why each distractor is wrong and when it would be right. At-a-glance access to must-know information in the reKaps.



Track your progress
You will have an instant view of areas that you are stronger in and areas that need some more work. You will also be able to view your progress in relation to our many other qbank users. 


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Step 3 Qbank Features:



Over 900 Practice Questions
Including 400 NEW questions written by Dr. Conrad Fischer, Kaplan Medical's top instructor and one of the most experienced educators in medicine today.



Comprehensive approach 
Students who complete the new Step 3 Qbank will see every disease and condition as it is tested on Step 3, making sure here are no surprises on Test Day!



Turn downtime into prep time!  
Download our free integrated mobile app and complete qbank questions on your iPhone® or Android device!



Track your progress
You will instantly be able to view your progress in the different testing areas, as you work your way through the practice questions. So you can target any weaker areas!









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