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Realistic practice is an essential part of GRE preparation and is crucial to understanding the exam and feeling confident on test day. Try our range of free prep resources, and see how you would score if you took the GRE today.

GRE Online Practice Test

Our online GRE practice test is a full-length timed test in a computerised interface just like the real GRE! You'll receive a detailed score report with analysis on your areas of strength and weakness.
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GRE 20-Minute Workout

Are you ready for Test Day? Find out with this fun and FREE way to tackle practice GRE questions. 
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GRE Practice Questions - Free Downloads

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GRE Practice Test Event in London

Join us for a free GRE practice test session at our London Centre, where you can sit a practice test under timed conditions and then review your answers with one of Kaplan's expert teachers.
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Sample Class for the GRE - Live Online

Our live online sample class for the GRE, hosted by top US faculty, will show you what it's like taking one of Kaplan's GRE courses and how it can help you get a competitive edge. 
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Looking for more than free practice? Buy additional GRE tests

Buy 6 GRE Practice Tests with complete answers and explanations.

  • Full-length, timed practice tests
  • Multi-stage tests, just like the real exam interface
  • Take online - there's nothing to install or download
  • Get complete score analysis, featuring a breakdown of your performance in each area, explanations to each question, and much more.

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