• Why Kaplan?

Applying to medicine is tough! This is particularly true in Ireland, where the success of your application relies on only the Leaving Certificate and the HPAT exam. As this is such a high stakes exam, it is imperative that you go into your HPAT exam feeling fully prepared to tackle the test, with a plan and methods on how to approach each test section and practice test scores to reassure you of your current level - this is where we can help!

The Kaplan Difference: 

World leader in test preparation - Kaplan has 75 years of proven expertise in standardised test preparation. We have taken this knowledge and applied it to the HPAT exam, to provide our students with the tools and strategies required to achieve great scores in such a high stakes exam. 

Our teachers - It is not enough to be a high scorer. A Kaplan teacher is required to have a top 10% score and then take part in rigorous screening process to ensure that they are also a great teacher. We then monitor our faculty through observations and feedback surveys to ensure that our high standards are being maintained. 

100% Teaching focus - We believe that the value of taking a course is through learning from an expert and being provided with the strategies and techniques on how best to approach the exam. We therefore do not spend valuable classroom time sitting practice tests. We encourage our students to take their practice tests once they have learnt the best way to approach them. 

The Kaplan Approach: 

Using our expertise as the market leading provider across UK medical entry tests (UKCAT and BMAT), as well as being a global leader in test preparation, we provide:

  • A breakdown the test into specific and defined question types
  • Proven strategies to approach each question type 
  • Detailed score reports and full explanations for each question; clearly identifying how you can improve

We have taken the HPAT exam and broken it down into not only test sections, but the categories of question types, within each section. We have then developed new and taken from our existing strategies and methods for standardised tests that are proven to get results!  You can then apply this knowledge after class by taking your full-length practice tests.

After each test practice test a personalised report will guide you to which test sections and even which question types require more attention. Each question will come with detailed explanations to help you understand these question types, which will in turn help you answer them more efficiently. You will then be able to go back through the recorded video lessons of the course, to remind yourself of the methods and strategies to apply to these problem areas.