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HPAT Preparation You Can Trust

Kaplan's test prep courses get results. Our market-leading prep options and industry expertise have helped tens of thousands of students gain entry to medical school for both graduate and undergraduate programmes. We invest heavily every year in research and learning software development to ensure that we provide the most comprehensive tools and resources in the market.  


World leader in test prep
We have 75 years of proven expertise in standardised test preparation. Our HPAT prep options provide you with the tools, strategies and practice required to achieve great scores in this high stakes exam.


Quality practice
Our team of experts extensively research and analyse the exam to create a quality course to help students succeed on test day.


Most up to date materials
We review and update our course materials every year to provide the most up-to-date and relevant techniques, strategies and practice. Our experienced team of curriculum writers and content developers are true test experts.



Personalised score reports
We have developed a brand new online study centre to track your actions as you progress through your course materials. This will help you easily identify the sections and question types where you need to focus.


100% teaching focus
We believe that the true value of a prep course is in learning from an expert who will teach you key strategies and techniques to score higher on the exam. Therefore, we don't spend valuable classroom time taking practice tests. With a Kaplan course, classroom time is teaching time.



Kaplan trained teachers
It is not enough to be a high scorer. Kaplan teachers are required to have a top 10% score and take part in a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are also a great teacher. We continuously monitor our faculty and collect student feedback to ensure our high standards are being maintained.

The Right Tools for a Higher Score

Our comprehensive courses are research-based and specifically designed to help students gain a thorough understanding of the test. It’s not enough to be prepared. You should feel confident going into the exam. A key part of Kaplan's student support are the tools you'll receive to make the most of your course. All of our prep options include: 


  • 5 hours of focused lessons providing comprehensive coverage of the HPAT exam
  • Individual Online Study Centre hosting all your course materials and linking to useful information and resources
  • Full length practice tests to provide the best timing and endurance training
  • HPAT Strategy Book providing guided practice and tips for test day 
  • Personalised score reports which track your progress to a higher score 
  • Detailed explanations to give you a better understanding of the questions