• Key Features

Full-length practice tests are the perfect way to assess how ready you are to take the BMAT. Provided the materials you use offer quality test-like questions, practice tests can help you identify where you need to improve allowing you to focus your prep.  Ideally our practice tests should be supported with the strategies that we deliver on our courses on how to improve your performance.

Our BMAT practice test bundle includes:

Three full-length practice tests These practice tests have been written by our team of test experts who review the BMAT each year to ensure our questions are as test-like as possible, for relevant practice. 
Essay Review Service This bundle includes a detailed review and feedback for each of the three essays you submit, focusing on how you can improve. The BMAT essay is unlike any other essay you will have encountered so far in your education, it is essential to learn exactly how you can gain the most marks. 
Personalised Reports After you have taken each practice test, you will have instant access to your score report, where you will see a breakdown for each test section and question type. This breakdown will identify exactly which areas require further review for maximum score improvement. 
Strategy Session Our recorded video lesson on "Preparing for Test Day" will help you plan your study schedule on the run up to test day, as well as offering test tips and advice.
Access until test day You will have access to all your practice tests and feedback reports until this year's BMAT test date. 

Please note: The practice tests on offer are already included in our BMAT courses, so if you have already signed up to one of our BMAT courses, there is no need to enroll in this practice test bundle.