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Designed for International Students applying to the University of Navarra.

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Course Options

BMAT Self Study Course - $225

This course option is designed to provide Kaplan's market-leading BMAT preparation to students that prefer to study on a more flexible schedule or are unable to attend our classroom or live online course options. Our BMAT Self Study course covers the same content as our live programmes, just without the guidance of our teachers in a live setting. This course includes: 

  • 10 hours of recorded lessons providing complete coverage of the BMAT. We break down each test section into the different question types included and take you through our proven methods and strategies needed to approach them.  
  • 8 full-length practice tests will help you put your new skills and endurance to the test. 
  • BMAT Strategy Book will provide guided study, practice and additional tips for test day. 
  • Personalised score reporting helps you to track your progress as you work through your practice materials. Each report will help you to easily identify and area that needs further review until you have mastered each section of the test.
  • Feedback on 6 draft essays. Our sophisticated Online Study Centre will allow you to submit the answers to your practice tests online and also upload a picture or document of your draft essays. Once your teacher has provided feedback, this will be housed together with the rest of you score reports. 

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Please note the two self study course options available and select the option corresponding to when you are planning to sit the BMAT exam.  


About BMAT Navarra

What is the BMAT Navarra?

The BMAT exam is a 2 hour paper-based test, made up of 3 sections:

Section Topics Tested Timing
Construction and Skills 35 Questions
Questions cover Problem Solving, Understanding Arguments and Data Analysis and Inference.
60 minutes
Scientific Knowledge
and application
27 Questions
This section covers the three sciences plus maths (ESO level).
30 minutes
Writing 1 question (from a choice of 4)
Students have 1 page of A4 paper to answer the essay promptly.
30 minutes

Do I need to take the BMAT Navarra?

If you are an international student applying to study medicine at the University of Navarra, then yes you will need to take the BMAT exam. 

When do I need to take the exam?

You will have two options to take the BMAT Navarra (you will only need to sit one): 

  • 11th February 2017

  • 2nd November 2017 

Where do I take the exam?

The BMAT exam can be taken at a number of locations areound the world. To find out you nearest test centre, visit:

How much does it cost to take the BMAT Navarra?

Students taking the BMAT from within the EU are required to pay the following fees: €126/ £112/ $210