BMAT® Classroom Express; $213

One-day BMAT courses held in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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Course Schedules

This fast-paced prep option is ideal for students who wish to benefit from the structure of a classroom-based learning environment and the guidance of live interaction with a teacher, whilst covering the essential BMAT syllabus in a more streamlined and fast-paced format. 

Our 2017 Classroom Express Course Locations:

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Course Features

BMAT Classroom Express course includes:

One day course

This adaptation of our comprehensive BMAT classroom course, offers streamlined coverage of the Kaplan methods and strategies to be applied to each test section. We will also review the scientific topics focused on over the last several years of BMAT test administration.

Expert BMAT teacher

Our BMAT teachers have all scored in the top 10% of the exam and have undergone a rigorous training program of auditions, observations and feedback surveys. This ensures that we maintain the Kaplan standard of excellence in all our courses.

BMAT Strategy Book

You will receive a copy of our renowned BMAT Strategy Book, designed to accompany your course, providing additional review and practice of the different BMAT test sections and question types.

One practice test

You will receive one month's access to a full-length BMAT practice test, for you to put the Kaplan methods and strategies to the test. This will also help you to get an understanding of your time management and endurance before test day.

Feedback on your draft essay

As the BMAT essay is unlike any other you would have encountered, we will provide guidance on how to approach this in class, as well as marking your submitted draft essay. This will provide you with actionable guidance on how you can improve.

Personalised score report

Once you have completed your practice test and submitted your answer choices, a detailed score report is generated. This will highlight specific test areas for you to target with further review of your Kaplan materials.

Detailed explanations

Your score report is also where you will find detailed explanations for each question, covering not only the reasoning behind the correct answer but why the incorrect choices were so. This builds a better understanding of the BMAT questions, which will help to guide your choices on test day.

Teacher support until test day

We will be available to answer any academic questions that arise after the course has finished, right up until your test date.


Course Breakdown

BMAT Classroom Express Lesson Breakdown

BMAT Introduction & Strategy Session

  • Introduction of the BMAT exam
  • How the UKCAT is scored
  • Standardised testing
  • Strategy Session: Scoring & Triage

Express Critical Reasoning Lesson

  • Overview of Critical Reasoning and it's challenges
  • Kaplan method for Critical Reasoning
  • Breakdown and practice of the different Critical Reasoning question types.

Express Problem Solving Lesson

  • Introduction of Problem Solving and overview of its challenges
  • Kaplan method for Problem Solving
  • Categorisation and practice for the different Problem Solving question types

Express Applied Science Lesson & Strategy Session

  • Overview of Applied Science and key challenges
  • Kaplan method for Applied Science
  • Scientific recap on topics tested across the different disciplines
  • Classification of question types and group practice
  • Strategy Session: Advanced Triage

Express Writing Lesson & Strategy Session

  • Introduction to Writing for the BMAT and overview of scoring
  • Kaplan method for writing; 5 Steps
  • Essay practice tips and homework assignment
  • Strategy Session: Preparing for test day.